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Sun May 28 20:11:06 EDT 2006

> So what similarity does this have to trying to make out
> what's said from simultaneous transmissions on same channel,
> in life-threatening circumstances?  -Hue 

Dualing carriers and modulation?

Perhaps they could combine busy-frequency detection
technology (proved in the SCAMP digital mode experiments)
on the transmit side with multiple receiver capacity
on the receive side.

When one attempts to transmit and the other is
already transmitting a red light could inform
that the freq is busy and the transmitter would
automatically use a non-busy adjacent freq.

Both sides could then talk and listen at the same
time without colliding carriers or distortion to
the audio.

Radio frequency duplex communications using narrow
band FM or SSB or digital audio.

Would that not be significantly superior to what
is in place at the moment?

And yes, every plane was forced by the FCC to
implement the new technology when they changed
the specs for that other device.

Private pilots and commercial airlines complained
about the cost but the FAA did not relent.

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
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