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Lewis c Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Mon May 29 18:53:02 EDT 2006

Hi Mike,

Many thanks for this info.  I'm not familiar with the book, but do
remember that one of our Ham Radio Mags carried a series of articles on
the conversion steps - pretty simple as I recall.  I think it was 73 Mag,
but could be CQ one of the others.   My memory just work any more and
without those mags I can't look up the articles.

I gave away a 60+ year collection of my QSTs and many years of CQ, Ham
Radio, 73, etc. so however, I do remember to whom I gave my mag
collection to so, if any of you out there, can tell me which mags and
which issues had those articles I'd be most appreciative.  I than can ask
my friends, who have my collection, to lend me back those issues.

I bought these boards about 20 or 25 years ago thinking that I'd give a
mobile 10 meter FM rig to each of my  children, but they were not at all
interested - so I'll see if the grands are interested and if not, I'll
put them up for sale here in case any of you are interested.  I paid
something like $10 each for these back 20 or 25 years ago so they are

Doc, W4ITJ 

14:47:57 -0700 (PDT) "Mark Cobbeldick \[KB4CVN\]" <kb4cvn at yahoo.com>
Several decades ago early 10 Meter FM pioneer: Bob Heil [K9EID] published
a conversion handbook on this very subject and model radio (Cybernet)
"10 Meter FM Handbook"

If you go over onto the 10 Meter FM YahooGroup 
< http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AR29MHz-FM/ >, you will see a photo of
K9EID holding one of the radios after the conversion and a copy of the

Copies of the book can still be found on eBay from time-to-time.

Mark Cobbeldick, KB4CVN
AR29MHz-FM List Owner

Brian Carling <bcarling at CFL.RR.COM> wrote:
Or better still leave it as an AM rig on 29.0 to 29.2 MHz

> Hi Doc:
> If you don't have the articles I certainly do. Saved all that I could
> on that off chance I would find a really good deal on several rigs and 
> convert them.
> The 40m chnl HyGain/Cybernet PLL-02A synth chip was the favorite.
> one crystal and realign the synth, placing 29.6 mc on CB channel 30 and
> are almost there. Take the audio voltage off of the AF chip thru a 5K
pot to 
> the synth test point and you have transmit FM. At that point you can
> everything alone and slope detect the audio but you don't have any
> If you want to guild the lilly, pull the Toyo AM narrow filter and put
> one that has a much wider BW and get a lim/dim chip (don't remember the

> number but ECG still has the replacement chip available as of a couple
> years ago) for your audio recovery and there you have it.
> I did about a dozen of them in the late 70s early 80s. Started with a
> board, added S-Meter, RF gain, did all the cool mods, and put them in
> Also converted a bunch of HyGain/Kraco, Sears, etc 23 and 40 chnl CBs
> Had a ball, gave most of them to friends. This all happened during my
> in England. Worked a bunch of European/Asian/African DX with about 5 W
and a 
> converted CB vertical. Great stuff, that!!
> Lew Franklin from CB City International (check his website) has a whole

> bunch of info, books and how-tos on putting these rigs on 10 FM, AM,
> etc.
> OK, soon as I take my meds I'll be better.
> Psssssssst, Doc, wanna get rid of some of those old boards??
> 73 Rich K7SZ
> > I suspect that I have the conversion articles somewhere if there's
> > interest. I guess they could be used for the 27MHz CB band, but who's
> > interested in that now - if it's still being used at all?
> >
> > Doc, W4ITJ

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