FS: Mobile or Base DC/DC, AC/DC PS for KWM-1/KWM-2, others

Dennis Wade sacramento.cyclist at GMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 13 17:04:44 EST 2006

Good afternoon,

         My assumption is that although the power supply isn't tubes,
it is designed for tube equipment.  Hopefully it is still within the
boundaries for the boatanchor lists.

         I have for sale a "Commander" model mobile power supply by
Linear Systems, model number 400/12/117 in near new condition.  Output
voltages are as follows:

            HV - selectable 850, 750 or 650 VDC

            LV - selectable 325, 285 or 250 VDC

                   Voltages are selected by moving transformer taps.

            Bias - variable from 0 - 120 VDC with front panel pot.

               + 12 VDC

                  12 VAC

           Voltages have been verified, however I cannot test under load.

           Unit includes the following cables:

                 1- 17 foot mobile cable

                 1- 6 foot base cable

            The two cables above have the appropriate connector to the
PS, and bare wire on the other end for you to install the connector
required for your radio.

              1 - section of 7 conductor cable, no connectors on either end.

              1 - AC power cord, 3- wire.

         Note that the DC input cable is missing, and will have to be
supplied by the buyer.

          Included is an instruction sheet, schematic and wiring
instructions for the KWM-1, KWM-2, SW-140, 240, 350 and 400, TR-3 and
4, NCX-3 and 4, SR-150, 160 and 500, Galaxy 300, III, and V.

          Unit is in near new condition, and the cables have
apparently never been used.  It is in its original (but opened)
packaging.  Also included is the mounting plate and hardware still in
original bag.

          This power supply is designed to run both with 117VAC input
AND 12 VDC input.  The supply will charge a 12V battery while
connected to the mains, and automatically switch to the DC input
without interruption if the AC mains are shut off.

          Offered at $75, plus shipping on 25 lbs from 95608.

          Pictures on request from serious buyers.


Dennis L. Wade
Carmichael, CA

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