Heathkit SB-400/401 High and Low voltage power supply capacitor upgrade kit

Michael Waldrop w5rkl at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 23 13:44:05 EST 2006

Good morning,
  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. 
  For those Heathkit SB-400/401 transmitter owners who may be considering replacing the power supply electrolytic capacitors (all 7 of them), I have the perfect solution. I have designed a set of printed circuit boards that contains new modern low profile capacitors mounted on a professionally manufactured printed circuit board that mounts in the space originally occupied by the old capacitors. Each printed circuit board uses the original mounting holes used by the original capacitors. There is absolutely no drilling required, for mounting. Also included are 3 additional new modern axial lead capacitors, one 100ufd 350vdc and two 22ufd 350vdc capacitors. One complete kit will replace all of the power supply capacitors in either the SB-400 or the SB-401 transmitter. Kit price, including instructions for removal of the old components and the installation of each board, is $80 shipped. The only soldering you will be doing is the installation of each board and the 3 additional
 capacitors. Each board comes completely assembled and ready to install.
  I do not use NOS (New Old Stock) parts. Therefore, all components, including resistors, didoes and capacitors are brand new. Each printed circuit board is professionally manufactured by a PCB company in Oregon using my design. I do not make/manufacture printed circuit boards, I leave that up to the professionals.
  If you are interested, I have pictures of the finished product installed and working in my SB-400 transmitter. All picture request should be via email at w5rkl at yahoo.com. If you would like a feedback comment from a previous customer who purchased and installed the SB-400/401 high and low voltage power supply capcitor upgrade kit, contact Dan, N4VET at OTAKEBI at aol.com.

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