OT: Parting out a large tube-type homebrew RF power amp - any particular interest?

Bob and Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Wed Nov 29 11:58:45 EST 2006

The great basement purge continues. I am turning my eye's toward a large RF 
power amplifier I picked up at an estate auction 10 years ago. I am intending to 
disassemble it and sell off the individual pieces. After I get into it and have 
more details, I'll submit a list to the group but for now I would just like to 
see if anyone has any particular items they might want.

What I'm looking at is a RF deck built on a rack mounted chassis with about a 
14" panel. Uses two(2!!!!) 4-1000A tubes (now this is serious RF overkill!), a 
B&W bandswitched tank circuit on the output, vacuum variable with Groth counter 
for tuning, an air variable for loading, big blower (must have been a noisy 
son-of-a-gun) plus the normal accessories such as sockets, chimneys, some 
meters, etc. Approximate tear down plans now are to part out the tubes, sockets, 
chimneys, tank circuit, blower, meters and then sell whatever is left as a 
single unit.

If you have any interest, please contact me privately and I'll start a list for 
later. Thanks.

Oh, by the way, if you know of any other email lists that might be interested 
(e.g. one dealing with large RF amps), I would certainly appreciate any leads on 
where to find those lists.  Thanks.

73 de WA2CKY
Bob Groh
420 NE Sunview Circle
Blue Springs, MO 64014-2045
(H) 816-228-6402

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