Hosstraders Fall Hamfest Report

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 9 11:24:11 EDT 2006

Some say the fests are dying, and this was the first time I really
noticed a decline in good stuff, BUT! The turnout really made up for
it. The AMers and milsurplus crowd really outdid themselves and
brought plenty of GOOD STUFF for all to see and purchase. Wx was
excellent both days: sunny, blue skies, temps in the 50s/60s during
the day.

AMers came up from 3 and 4 Land (Steve, WB3HUZ from VA, John W3JN from
MD, Dave K3ZRF and wife Pam from PA, Steve W1ES from N Carolina) and
the local turnout was much larger than previous years. An area in the
AM Corral that is normally open for selling was packed with vehicles 2
rows deep. We had 13 AMers turn out for dinner in Concord, which was
an event in itself. Overall, a great time.

Gear seen included:

Collins 30L-1 ? (unsold as of Saturday morning)
Collins R-388 w/filter kit and 3 filters $300 (sold)
Collins 75A-1 $400 (sold)
PU-18A dynamotor/inverter/siren-looking thingy $25 (sold)
Browning Mobilaire early 2 way w/manual $10 (sold)
Dentron DT-3000 tuner $250 (unsold)
Hallicrafters BC-610E w/614-I speech amp, coils, tuning units $400 (sold)
ARC-5 T-22 transmitter $65 (unsold)
Scott RCH in cabinet w/shocks $325 (unsold)

Also numerous National receivers mostly low end, many old keys and
bugs, several pieces of Johnson gear including at least one Ranger, a
Courier amp, and several old two ways. Didn't see prices - some sold,
some were seen being loaded up later by the sellers. A noticable
absence of the R-390 family along with Hammarlund gear in general. I
saw no SP-600s, R-390s, or many of the other "standards".

I managed to sell my Raytheon RA-1000 broadcast transmitter to a guy
from Maine, got the money in hand so it's definitely sold this time.
Also gave away some parts to friends including a cabinet for a
Hallicrafters SX-42/62, some 833As, Eico 723, and a Clegg Zeus w/PS.
This makes my moving chores a bit easier! Finally found a ride to VA
for W0YVA's Millen HV supply that he bought last year and I've been
holding onto for him. So overall it was a big success.

Got to enjoy some good conversation and brew with Carl WA1KPD, also
saw Gary WZ1M and his wife a couple times, and met many folks for the
first time whom I've talked with on the air. Joe, WA2PJP came up
Thursday evening and stayed at my place so we could leave early for
the 'fest on Friday. We stayed up playing radio until almost almost
2AM and ended up arriving there at 13:45. So much for that idea for
planning ahead.

I only brought home three small items. The coolest was a small display
of ceramic insulators made by a sk K2 station, being sold off with his
other stuff. It was just too cool to pass up. Also got a nifty yellow
CD megaphone for the YL's Cold War collection for a whopping $10. Not
too shabby.

Definitely the best 'fester I've attended. Hopefully others will relay
their findings and experiences. It's always an event to enjoy.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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