FS: For parts or restoration: Heathkit HW-101 and SB-303

Bob and Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Mon Oct 16 00:05:24 EDT 2006

Getting ready for a local hamfest here next Saturday and have 2 radio's I 
thought I would offer on the list before I trot them out to the hamfest. Your 
cost for shipping will be whatever I have to pay - use zip 64014 to estimate 
(figure 25 lbs for your estimate). No manuals and both are obviously 'as is, 
where is' - Will have pictures in a day or so. Contact me directly via email if 
interested. Prices are only as suggested - make offer up or down if you want - I 
can only say 'yes or no'!

Heathkit HW-101 HF transceiver
Reasonably complete - does not have the 100 kHz calibrator crystal and has the 
IF can (aluminum part) T202 missing (electrical parts are there just no can). 
Filter select lever knob has lever broken off. No feet. Case missing some paint 
but not dinged or (as much as I could tell) with any extra holes. Dusty, etc, 
otherwise not too shabby. All tubes, knobs, pc board assemblies present and 
accounted for. SSB filter only (I'm keeping the CW filter).  Thinking $60 but 
willing to accept any offers.

Heathkit SB-303 HF Receiver
A bit rough with missing paint on the case and no feet. Missing one of the 
boards (the one that holds the output tanks for the RF amplifier). Dial slips 
and not very smooth. Otherwise not too shabby. Thinking $60 with SSB filter only 
  or add an extra $25 for the CW filter. Again make offers if price is not to 
your liking.

Basically I'm culling the herd and these are definitely surplus to my needs. 
Pictures will be available via email if you want. They will be at the Grandview 
hamfest (Kansas City, Missouri area) this Saturday along with a few other rigs.

73 de WA2CKY
Bob Groh
420 NE Sunview Circle
Blue Springs, MO 64014-2045
(H) 816-228-6402

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