HW-10 Shawnee for sale - very nice condition

Bob and Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Thu Oct 19 23:47:01 EDT 2006

Added one more item to my batch of gear to go to the hamfest - putting it up 
here in case someone wants first shot at it.

Heathkit Shawnee HW-10 6M AM/CW transceiver. Very nice and clean condition. 
Looks to be in very original condition - even has 4 crystals installed (the 
HW-10 can use the internal VFO or operator can select up to 4 internal 
crystals). I have had it on the shelf for 5 or 6 years and since 6M is not my 
thing, my house cleaning says 'got to go'. I have not tried to fire this up so 
it probably needs all the normal re-do's on the filter caps, etc. Did pop it out 
of the cabinet and eyeball the inside - other than being dusty, it is in nice 
shape. Seems to have all its tubes, shields - even has a vibrator for the built 
in 6/12 VDC/120 VAC power supply.

The transmitter 'Fine Tune' knob (which is a string drive!) is out of order and 
needs to be reworked - the owner seems to have replaced the original string with 
a heavier string which binds up. All the rest of the controls seem to work fine.

I did not take the inside bottom cover off as there are just too many screws to 
tackle. Comes with (what seems like) the original hand microphone and the mobile 
mounting bracket. Also the plug in power cord.

Pictures are available.  Penson's book says these are very rare in good 
condition and this one is in very good condition. Case top does have a few 
scratches and scuff's. Otherwise nice shape.

If interested, please drop me a line. I'm thinking of $80 plus shipping (it is 
heavy - figure 36 lbs plus another 6 to 8 lbs for packing so lets say 44 lbs 
from zip 64014). Will entertain offers.

73 de WA2CKY
Bob Groh
420 NE Sunview Circle
Blue Springs, MO 64014-2045
(H) 816-228-6402

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