VHF AM REPORT - 2m Amplitude Modulation

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Sep 5 16:23:32 EDT 2006

Two Meter AM is going strong in Europe.

Here's a report about some cross-channel contacts
from the Netherlands to England etc. on 144 MHz AM!

Looks like they use 144.55 MHz there, just up from our 
144.450 MHz calling frequency. Some of you with the old 
tube 2m AM rigs would be surprised what you can do with 
them with just a few watts.

= = =

In view of the VHF contest activity this evening (5 Sept)


and also

the potentially promising tropo condx


I'm hoping to be QRV this evening from a /P location from about 
19:00 local time (=17:00 UTC)

The evenings are getting shorter now so I may only have abt 60 - 
90mins of useful operating time (before it gets too dark) 

My main operating mode is J3E  - but my /P 2m station is "A3E 

I'll try to remember to put some calls out in the direction of the 
UK on 144,550 (+/- QRM)

Otherwise if anyone hears me on another mode/QRG then I would be 
happy to QSY and try for a contact on AM

73 Paul pe7b

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