VHF AM REPORT - 2m Amplitude Modulation

WA5JCI wa5jci at FLASH.NET
Tue Sep 5 19:27:15 EDT 2006

At 03:23 PM 9/5/2006, Brian Carling wrote:
>Two Meter AM is going strong in Europe.
>Here's a report about some cross-channel contacts
>from the Netherlands to England etc. on 144 MHz AM!
>Looks like they use 144.55 MHz there, just up from our
>144.450 MHz calling frequency. Some of you with the old
>tube 2m AM rigs would be surprised what you can do with
>them with just a few watts.
>= = =

40+ years ago I used to take a twoer to the barracks roof and work 
some canadians over in the Ste.

de Pete WA5JCI  EM21

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