Lafayette HE-45 Pictures?

Peter A Markavage pmarkavage at JUNO.COM
Thu Sep 14 23:16:06 EDT 2006

I already forgot who really was looking for the Lafayette HE-45 picture.
But, anyway, there were 3 models, HE-45, 45A, 45B. All three had minor
improvements over each other. All were patterned after the physical and
circuit design of the Lafayette CB HE-20/A/B/C Series and were all tube
rigs. If you join the lafayetteradiocollectorsclub up on YahooGroups, and
go to photos, you will see photos of the HE-45A and B. There is a picture
of the HE-50 there which is the 10 meter version of the HE-45, so
physically they look the same. The 45 series were not stellar performers.
If you were lucky, you could also sometimes listen to strong AM broadcast
stations while tuning the 6 meter band. But they were American made,
mostly by Bendix and one other company, whose name escapes me at the
moment. The Lafayette HA-460, made by Trio, ran rings around the HE-45.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006 19:38:15 -0600 "nr5a" <nr5a at> writes:
> Peter I tried searching for it too, all I found was the 460 was a 
> improvement over it. Can't find any other info on it. Just had a 
> thought, is 
> it a tube rig? Bamba??
> Jerry - NR5A
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> > The Lafayette Radio Virtual Museum and the Virtual Lafayette Radio 
> Museum
> > site (Same Place) are dead links. Sent KC0IMN an e-mail about it 
> many
> > months ago and never got any answers.
> >
> > Pete, wa2cwa
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