Lafayette HE-45 Pictures?

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Fri Sep 15 15:23:21 EDT 2006

It was KD4E.  I looked for a HE-50 picture with no joy
either.  Odd that these Lafayette rigs are Internet-invisible.

Anyhow, I have looked over the HE-45 and HA-460 schematics
and decided they were no improvement over my Knight TR-106
station which I am selling.

I was hoping one of them might employ dual finals in
push-pull but they all used the common single 2CE6.

Good introductory rigs for their day but not worth gobs
of time and resources to restore.  IMHO.

Our 11yr old son just received his Ham license today
so I need to get him set up with a 2/440 and a 10M rig.
Our 9.5yr old daughter is next!

Anyone have a 2/440 and a 10M rig to swap for a TR-106
station (rig, V-107 VFO, generic hand mic, Knight P2
1.8 - 440MHz SWR-PWR meter -- and I am buying a complete
manual with schematic) and an E.F. Johnson 6&2 VFO?

> I already forgot who really was looking for the Lafayette HE-45 picture.
> But, anyway, there were 3 models, HE-45, 45A, 45B. All three had minor
> improvements over each other. All were patterned after the physical and
> circuit design of the Lafayette CB HE-20/A/B/C Series and were all tube
> rigs. If you join the lafayetteradiocollectorsclub up on YahooGroups, and
> go to photos, you will see photos of the HE-45A and B. There is a picture
> of the HE-50 there which is the 10 meter version of the HE-45, so
> physically they look the same. The 45 series were not stellar performers.
> If you were lucky, you could also sometimes listen to strong AM broadcast
> stations while tuning the 6 meter band. But they were American made,
> mostly by Bendix and one other company, whose name escapes me at the
> moment. The Lafayette HA-460, made by Trio, ran rings around the HE-45.
> Pete, wa2cwa


Thanks! & 73,
doc, KD4E
... somewhere in FL
URL:  bibleseven (dot) com

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