Lafayette HE-45 Pictures?

Peter A Markavage pmarkavage at JUNO.COM
Sat Sep 16 00:04:08 EDT 2006

The HA-460 has a built in VFO, better selectivity, better and lower noise
front-end sensitivity, and better stability than the HE-45 series. The
transmitter and modulator also had a number of improvements over the
HE-45. Having used a TR-106 once upon a time, using a HA-460 is
definitely a big step in the right direction. But if you want more power,
Gonset G-50 or Clegg Thor is a step up. If you want big power Clegg Zeus
and Intercepter combo are a great choice.

HE-45's pop up on ebay from time to time and never seem to draw the big
bucks. Somewhere in one of my files, I still have original green product
brochures for the HE-45 and/or HE-50 rigs. Why they printed them in green
is a mystery to me.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Fri, 15 Sep 2006 15:23:21 -0400 kd4e <kd4e at VERIZON.NET> writes:
> It was KD4E.  I looked for a HE-50 picture with no joy
> either.  Odd that these Lafayette rigs are Internet-invisible.
> Anyhow, I have looked over the HE-45 and HA-460 schematics
> and decided they were no improvement over my Knight TR-106
> station which I am selling.
> I was hoping one of them might employ dual finals in
> push-pull but they all used the common single 2CE6.
> Good introductory rigs for their day but not worth gobs
> of time and resources to restore.  IMHO.
> Our 11yr old son just received his Ham license today
> so I need to get him set up with a 2/440 and a 10M rig.
> Our 9.5yr old daughter is next!
> Anyone have a 2/440 and a 10M rig to swap for a TR-106
> station (rig, V-107 VFO, generic hand mic, Knight P2
> 1.8 - 440MHz SWR-PWR meter -- and I am buying a complete
> manual with schematic) and an E.F. Johnson 6&2 VFO?

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