Tube ID please?

Soundval soundval at FOOTHILL.NET
Tue Sep 19 15:34:58 EDT 2006

This is a balloon shaped tube.
About size of 27 balloon
4 pin (long)
Has a bayonet about half way
up the bakelite base like an O1A,
but it also has 2 larger pins  180 degree 
opposing each other nearer the top of the base, 
and 90 degrees opposed to the lower one.
These 2 pins are the connection for the filament.
Appears to be an indirectly heated cathode.
The plate is similar to a 27, with a 
small round vertical plate about 1 inch in length.
My only guess so far is that it is a Kellogg, but
it does not have the unique shaped glass.

Gene Rippen,   WB6SZS

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