RCA Broadcast News magazine

Jerry L. Siilvia OpCit at AOL.COM
Sat Sep 23 16:47:31 EDT 2006

Hello group,
I'm a new kid on the block and a microphone collector specializing in RCA  
ribbon mics.  Also RCA paper and magazines that show a history of "the most  
trusted name in electronics". I specifically need help in the early RCA  B'cast 
News mags.('31 through '47).
Any and all help would be appreciated.  See my web site if you want to  see a 
crazed mic collector.
Best  regards,

Jerry L. Silvia

1950 Graham Hill Road
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
T 831/461-1961
F 831/438-7563
E  opcit at aol.com

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