Looking for a couple of feet of multiwire cable for SWAN 350/117 PS to Transceiver cabling

Bob and Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Fri Apr 6 18:34:07 EDT 2007

Working on a SWAN 350 and 117XC combo and I need a couple of feet of the 
multi-wire cable that goes between the power supply and the transceiver. I can 
fabricate one from individual wires if need be but would prefer to have a 
jacketed cable if possible.

Specs: need either 8 or 10 wires (or more)in the cable, good insulation (some of 
the wires carry the +800V) and maybe #20 AWG or thereabouts. Length - 3 feet or so.

I have found a source for the 12-pin Jones plug but if one is available, I sure 
wouldn't mind getting one of those!

Thanks for any help.


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