Paint gun for boat anchors

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Apr 9 18:05:00 EDT 2007

For those looking for a small, inexpensive, paint gun
Harbor Freight has what they call a "touch-up" spray
gun on sale for $11.99 right now.  It is their item
#00086 and the brand name is Central Pneumatic.  The
paint cup holds 7 ounces of paint which is just right
for painting many boat anchor cabinets.

I went looking for a small paint gun to use in
addition to the larger guns that I have been using and
found this particular gun at my local Harbor Freight. 
It requires a minimum of 30 psi air at 2.8 CFM and has
the "normal" air fittings.

I haven't looked on their website, but according to
their "flyer" it should be on sale all over the
country.  Harbor Freight's URL is .

The gun appears to be well built and the price is
definitely very good.  Of course, you need a small air
compressor to use this paint gun.

Glen, K9STH


The fish are biting. 
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