clocks for radios

Charles W Morehouse w4gbw at BELLSOUTH.NET
Wed Apr 11 14:22:16 EDT 2007

Have rebuilt that clock in mine.  Even took the motor apart and put in 
new windings.  Look for worn bushings
and you may have to use shims or brass washers to align the wheels.  
There are no parts.  The relay was bad so used a mercury plate relay,
spst so used 12 v relays to do the job.  Had to build a 12v supply from 
the 6,3v/  Works great and is very accurate.  Also replaced the buzzer 
with a 12v chime.  Nice.

hudlerb1 at wrote:

Hi All,
Collecting and assembling the dream SB Line station from the early 70's.
The newest project is an SB630 tube type station console. I've got 
everything on this console working great, except the clock.
Any parts available for this mechanical device? The only problem I have 
with it is the hour wheel advances more than one at a time occasionally, 
throwing off the hour display from actual time. I've tried adjusting the 
detent spring till I'm blue in the face, it is quite bent up and that's 
more than likely the original problem. I see the 10's wheel drag a bit 
too much  on the hour wheel, maybe something else is worn?
Any experience and advice for this clock is appreciated.
73's Bruce

KC7VDA wrote:

>Hello all;
>I have several  radios that I am rebuilding / repairing.  two have clocks that I have not 
>been able to repair. I need to find replacement movements, parts or repair info.
>The clocks I am talking about have numbers that flip over to show the hours and min.  
>If anyone out there has any information I would really appreciate it.
>Dan Donnelly KC7VDA   

This may help. It was on the Heathkit reflector.

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