Gates 1 kW broadcast transmitter available -- and thanks for the responses to the S-38 collection !

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Mon Apr 30 15:02:24 EDT 2007

Hello all !

A local broadcast station would like to sell cheaply into the Amateur
community a Gates BC-1G AM transmitter currently on 1050 kHz.

It has "popped" one of the mica capacitors in the plate tuning network, but
since that cap would most likely have to be replaced in changing the
transmitter to 160 or 80, its loss shouldn't be too much of a problem. Even
with the bad cap, the transmitter puts out about 400 watts, according to the
station engineer.  Prior to popping the cap, it easily put out 1 kW.

The transmitter uses 833A's in the final modulated by another pair of

The station's Chief Engineer says he believes, although is not certain, that
several spare tubes of unknown but believed working will come with it.

The transmitter is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico -- having been all its
life in this dry air, it is in remarkable shape.

I installed it in its current building back in the early '90's as a
"standby" transmitter for the station when our family and another family
owned a couple of radio stations here in Albuquerque (before the FCC
"Wal-Mart'd" the broadcast industry and most of us mom-and-pop operators
were forced to sell to the "big guys.")

The station may or may not have a manual.  If the station doesn't, I have a
copy here which is available free with the transmitter.

If you have some interest, please contact the Chief Engineer at Citadel
Broadcasting's Albuquerque, NM operation, either by email at
william.harris at   or by phone at (505) 767-6700.

I hope this one can be kept from going to the dump !! It is a "soulful box!"


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