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As a MARS member myself, I would offer this advice.
If you are upgrading for the ham bands and would do that anyhow even if you weren't a member of MARS, then go ahead and go for it.

IF you are upgrading solely because you have joined MARS, I would advise you to not go to any great effort or worry.  The reason being that MARS currently has no viable mission warranting the time or expense to go to digital modes if youre not already digital or going digital for use in the ham bands.

There are quite a few members who have refused to go digital just for MARS use because there is nothing going on and no mission that MARS has that warrants it.

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  I recently joined Army MARS and I want to expand my comm capabilities.

  My truck has HF/V/UHF capability. All modes including data. My problem is I 
  need a small (as in s-m-a-l-l ) laptop that uses 12-14V DC as opposed to 
  these exotic 19, 21, 24 VDC models. I need to power it directly from the 
  truck's battery supply. It doesn't have to be a Pentium machine but at least 
  an old 486 DX100 would be nice.

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