NC-270 Progress

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 8 19:01:15 EDT 2007

Try tightening all of the machine screws, nuts, etc.,
that go through the chassis.  All of the grounds in
the unit are made through these.  If there are rivits
instead of machine screws holding the tube sockets,
terminal strips, etc., then you are going to have to
tighten them using a hammer and a punch.

I "fix" well over 90% of the "strange" problems in
boat anchor equipment that I repair for others by
getting all the grounds working again.

Glen, K9STH

--- Steve <stever2k at MCHSI.COM> wrote:

I put a 3 wire plug on and grounded it but it didn't
make any difference with the scratchy noise I get when
I touch the chasses with a screwdriver, still don't
know what to do about that one.

Glen, K9STH


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