FS: Large Ceramic Band Switch

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Aug 14 06:56:05 EDT 2007

FOR SALE: Large Ceramic Band Switch

5 positions, 2 poles. Silver contacts. This ceramic switch 
has 5 silver plated copper straps attached. It is a used switch 
and has other components attached but can easily be re-used 
for a nice linear amplifier or tuner project.

Dimensions 3.25" diameter X 4" deep. Has standard 1/4" shaft 
that is about 7/8" long. Two hole mounting from front panel.

Heavy duty mechanism, and in excellent condition.

QTY 1 only - available for $8.00 plus $6.50 priority shipping.

Regards - Brian, AF4K

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