More NC-270 Progress

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 18 11:45:19 EDT 2007

You can also drill out all of the rivits and replace
them with machine screws.  This takes considerably
more time but also gets rid of the rivit problem.  Of
course you will have to retighten the machine screws
every few years but this is then easier than having to
reset the rivits.  That is what I generally do.  But,
it is possible to use a punch with a relatively blunt
end on the underside and a block of metal on the top

You do need to remove everything that is possible to
remove including tubes, pilot lamps, etc.  If the
block of metal is secure (put it on the sidewalk or
some other really firm place) then you can hit the
punch with a hammer and not do any damage to the other

Glen, K9STH

--- Steve <stever2k at> wrote:

Hammer and a punch???  Wow that must be rather tricky
to retighten them that way but I can think of no
other.  How do you do this without wacking something
of value and creating more problems?  Did you make
some special tools of some kind?

Glen, K9STH


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