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When I was a Novice in the 60s, I belonged to a local radio club.  There were two guys there who were generals ... late teens or early twenties as I recall.. and they were pretty good at the theory stuff, and were kind of like Carl and Jerry.  (If you don't know who Carl and Jerry were, then you DEFINITELY are a a young ham).

One day, they wired up a pair of 1625 tubes to see how much power they could get out as an amplifier.  They hooked up enough voltage to see if they could get a KW out.   The plates went RED HOT glowing ...  and promptly melted.
It was kind of like putting a pair of 811 tubes in a circuit designed for 829B tubes.

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  This is long so if you don't like long emails, don't read it... but if 
  you like stories about "the old days" 1950's and 60's, (& early 70's) 
  then read on:  :-)

  Maybe Doc just wants to do what we used to do. 

  In the old days, we got the old military amplifiers.  I can't remember 
  the model numbers... but would recognize them.  (BC455 was the 
  receiver....and wasn't the transmitter something like BC696 or 
  similar?)  My mind can't seem to find the numbers tonight... Oh well... ;-)

  Anyway, they had two 1625's in them and we either use the 1625(cutting 
  into the side of the bakelite base and modifying the tube from 12 volt 
  to 6 volt filaments) or just modified them to take the 807's.  (required 
  changing out the tube sockets from 7 pin to 5 pin.) (the driver was a 
  1626 tube I believe........ funny,  I remember that and can't remember 
  the model numbers :-[ )

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