Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 27 14:52:13 EDT 2007

Got another "rude" awakening when restocking my supply
of resistors and mini-boxes for the power attenuators
that I make using the "olde tyme" Johnson circuits. 
The prices have gone up again.

Therefore I am going to have to incrase prices
effective 1 October 2007.  For the month of September
I'll hold the present prices so any attenuators
ordered until 1 October will be at the current price. 
I won't update the website until 1 October so the
price shown will be correct until that date.

For details go to

The new prices will be an additional $5.00 for the low
powered version and $8.00 for the high power version.

These attenuators are for use with the "boat anchor"
transmitters when driving grid driven amplifiers like
the Johnson Thunderbolt, Johnson Desk KW,
Hallicrafters HT-33 (and with driver transmitters with
over 50 watts output on the HT-33A and HT-33B), and
similar linear amplifiers.  They will NOT work with
"modern" solid-state transmitters because the
impedance is not 50 ohms.  The low powered attenuator
is designed for use with transmitters in the Johnson
Ranger class and the high powered attenuator is
designed for use with transmitters like the Johnson
Viking II, Heath DX-100 and Apache, etc.

Glen, K9STH


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