[FLBOATANCHORS] Smallest Dual-6146 HF Transmitter?

Jack Taylor jack at N7OO.COM
Mon Aug 27 18:34:04 EDT 2007

Don't overlook the military surplus sets like the ARC-5 or the ART-13.  I never
operated the ARC-5 with the separate modulator but I did have many enjoyable
hours with the ART-13.  Strictly speaking they of course don't use 6146's but
they are in the general power range as a pair of 6146's.  The downside of the
ART-13 is it isn't easily transportable.  But the ARC-5 series with it's single-
band configuration would be.

73 de Jack - N7OO
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  From: Bry Carling 
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  Doc - I think GLOBE made some transmitter models like that.
  You might look for them. I think they were either dual 807s 
  or dual 6146es.

  Plenty of punch on CW and loads of fun in a small package.

  73 - Bry, AF4K in Florida

  > I am looking for a compact dual-6146 transmitter,
  > preferably 160-10M, or something with a dual-6146
  > final that I can modify.
  > It must either be designed to handle AM plate modulation
  > at 100W or have enough room in the final RF section for
  > me to modify it.
  > It must include a power supply suitable to the application.
  > No industrial size hernia-makers need apply, I need this
  > to be semi-portable.  (I guess that means an efficient
  > design on an aluminum chassis.  It's best if the PS is on
  > a separate chassis.)

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