RME 69( Radio Manufacturing Engineers)

Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Wed Aug 29 23:29:10 EDT 2007

Hi Hans,

Does the RME-69 work well on international shortwave broadcasts with 
the crystal
filter in the "off" position?  If not, there is something else wrong.

As noted by others, the crystal has nothing to do with the local 
oscillator.  It is simply a means to reduce selectivity, typically 
needed for reception of CW (code).

I, too,like the RME-69 because of its role in the Dutch verzet as 
advertised by RME in a advertisement reprinting a letter received 
from the resistance after WWII.

Groetjes en 73,


Boatanchor pix


At 11:26 AM -0600 8/28/07, Hans Sparreboom wrote:
>I recently bought the above radio, because it has nostalgic value to 
>me. One of these was used by the Dutch Resistance during WW II. I 
>was born in Holland shortly after the war, but I now live in 
>Alberta, Canada.
I fiend of mine has repaired quite a few radios for me over the past 
several years. He is a retired electronics instructor at a college. 
However, he is

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