Hallicrafters S-108 IF transformer

Eric Lawson elawson at INFICAD.COM
Sun Dec 2 17:06:26 EST 2007

I got a S-108 the other day and its IF transformer (T2) has a primary to 
secondary short.  The number on the side of the can is 050-300243.

It looks like the capacitor assembly that is built into the bottom of the 
assembly has shorted and I don't see an easy way to fix it...the 
transformer's pins go directly into the capacitor.

Does anyone have one of these IF transformers?

After several moves, I don't even have any IF transformers from AM 
broadcast table radios that I could try, so I'll ask.  Is there anything 
special about these IF transformers (selectivity, etc.) or would any old 
455 KHz IF transformer work?


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