Hallicrafters S-108 IF transformer

Eric Lawson elawson at INFICAD.COM
Sun Dec 9 20:02:36 EST 2007

I got lucky.  I figured I couldn't hurt the transformer, so I started
carefully unwinding turns from the secondary and about 20 turns into the
process, I found the break.  I replaced the capacitors, which I (after
getting my micrometer and dial caliper out, and guessing the mica's
dielectric constant at 7.2) determined to be 392pF.

The transformer works fine and the radio does play, although the AGC still
isn't working correctly.

I do think I may have another IF can that is starting to fail--probably
fromthe same cause.  The IF transformer appeared to be the cause of a +6V
potential on the AGC line, and I also noticed that it does not tune correctly.


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