Hosstraders Flea Market is no more!

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Feb 13 20:56:56 EST 2007

One thing that I learned, very sadly, this year at Hamcation, 
was that FRED SCHMIDT, N4TT from Typetronics in 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida is no longer with us. For the last 
few years he showed up as always in the indoor vendors area, 
with his massive display of every kind of tube, tube socket, 
parts, test equipment etc.

Fred always struck me as a kind chap. I will miss him at 
every Hamcation now, and I will miss having his treasured 
"price sheets" listing his current tubes at the going rates.

He will certainly be missed by many of us.

73 Fred... Bry, AF4K

KD4E writes...

> I was at HamCation, a larger-than-Hosstraders
> Fest here in Florida, this past weekend.
> The Fest was packed with buyers and vendors, both
> commercial and tailgaters.  It is undiminished over
> the past several years I have attended.
> There was an excellent representation of BA gear,
> test gear, parts, modern gear, antennas, and other
> toys.
> As for test gear, both old and new were represented
> and there are retail and Internet businesses here
> in Florida that sell new and discontinued test gear.
> Perhaps some of the "decline" you believe you see
> is more regional than nationwide.
> Here in the southeast we experience the need for
> Ham radio in disaster response on a regular basis
> and many older Ham citizens have relocated South.
> There are discussion lists of Hams actively buying
> and selling and restoring BA gear, sharing MacGuyver-
> like creations from "junque", and thinking of creative
> new ways to enjoy Ham radio.
> My wife and our 11yr old son are licensed, as is a
> 26 year old neighbor, and our 10 yr old daughter
> is working on her license.
> I see no decline of the hobby at all around here!  :-)

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