Heathkit nameplate

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Feb 18 15:01:30 EST 2007

I have been able to make some good molds for the
plastic "Heathkit" nameplates (the ones that are about
3.5 inches long).  When I get enough molds made I
believe that I will be able to furnish replacement
nameplates.  The plan is to make these available in
either black or silver/chrome.  Various pieces of
equipment used different color nameplates.  All sorts
of Heath equipment used these nameplates including the
DX-35, DX-40, DX-100, and Seneca.

Since I haven't cast any as of this date I don't know
for sure how much trimming, etc., is going to be
required to get the nameplates ready to ship.  I do
know that the mounting pins are going to have to be
"super glued" in place since the molds that I am
making are for used with resin casting and not
injection molding.  They will be painted with either
black or silver/chrome paint so there won't be any
difference in the cost for either color.

I am looking at a price of around $12 each if they
don't require that much trimming, etc.  If they do
require more work then it will add a couple of dollars
to the price.  Not absolutely cheap but I have had
numerous requests to make these.

When I am satisfied with how they are turning out I
will let everyone know.

Also, I have come up with a different overlay material
for the frequency dials that I make for the VF-1 and
DX-100 series.  This definitely looks better than the
material that I was using.  These dials replace the
original dial but are two-piece including a metal
inner ring that works much better with the "pinch"
drive used in the VF-1 and DX-100 series.

Details are on the K9STH website, URL of which is
listed at the end of this message.  Choose the Z
Communications link and there is a link for the VFO dials.

Glen, K9STH

Website:  http://k9sth.com

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