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I have the following for sale:

Unless otherwise priced, all books are $10.00 each, 2 for $15.00

ARRL Handbooks 1970, 1972, 1973, 1978

"Semiconductors & Electronic Communications Made Easy" by Victor Veley, Tab
Books, 1982.  Has chapters on Vacuum Tubes and Modulation.  Lots of
formulas on determining % of Modulation, Power Output, AM Bandwidth, etc.
Also, some very interesting chapters on Radar and Sonar.  310 pages.

"The Fascinating World Of Radio Communications"
23 chapters, each by a different author.  Some of the chapters are:
"Pioneer Radio on the Prairie", "Nikola Tesla - Master of Electrical
Energy", "Dr. Mahlon Loomis - Marconi Followed In His Footsteps",
"Inside The Commercial Station".

"Broadcasting Around The World" by William McCavitt - $15.00
The history of broadcasting, in separate chapters, in South Africa,
Poland, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, US, Brazil, Guyana,
India, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia.

"Practical Electronics Troubleshooting" by James Perozzo
"The techniques presented here are real-world, actual ones that a
practicing technician would use...It is no longer necessary for a new
technician to take years to learn troubleshooting techniques by trial
and error."

"Live Sound For Musicians" by Rudy Trubitt.  "How to keep your band's PA
system working smoothly, from set up and soundcheck, right through your
performance."  9" x 12".  $12.00

"Short Wave Listener's Guide" by H. Charles Woodruff, Howard Sams, 1964.
"Listening To Shortwave" by Ken Winters, N5AUX, Radio Shack, 1993.
2 books for 1 price.

"Integrated Circuits - Fundamentals & Projects" by Rufus P. Turner,
Allied Radio, Chicago, 1968.  Projects include High-Gain Preamplifier,
Frequency-Standard Crystal Oscillator, AF/RF Signal Tracer, Electronic
DC Voltmeter.

"Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book - 24th Edition."
"The most comprehensive estimating reference to the construction industry."
Has a chapter on Electrical.  (Covers everything from skyscrapers to
highway construction).

"How To Service Tape Recorders" by C.A. Tuthill, Hayden Books, 1966.
How to service tube, reel to reel, tape recorders.  Many pictures,
illustrations, and schematics.  This book "presents, in a balanced manner,
an introduction to the basic principles of magnetic recording, a detailed
analysis of the operation of the mechanical and electronic systems of a
wide selection of modern tape recorders, and detailed directions for
maintenance and troubleshooting."  $12.00

"The Complete Action Guide To Scanners & Monitors".  By Louis Smith,
TAB Books, 1981.  5" x 8", 256 pages.  Includes a 30 page listing of
all scanners offered by Bearcat, Fanon/Courier, Heathkit, J.I.L.,
Lafayette, Realistic, Regency, Sears, plus antennas and accessories.

"VHF/UHF Fire, Police, Ham Scanners - Schematic/Servicing Manual".
By David Norman, TAB Books, 1976.  One of the few books, maybe the only
book, (I've never seen another one), ever published on servicing vintage
scanners.  (Also, a book that is typically unavailable anywhere I know of).
7" x 10", 250 pages, full of schematics and service data.  $12.00

"Program Amplifier Type BA-73B" RCA Broadcast and Communications Products.
"The BA-73B Program Amplifier is designed for use in the BC-7A, BC-8A, or
BCM-2A Consolettes."

All prices plus shipping.

Thank you,

Bruce WA8TNC

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