RADIO CW TEST - Before this goes to far

Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Sun Feb 25 10:47:59 EST 2007

Hi Harry,

Similar story here.  I got my ham ticket just a couple of years 
before you did.  Had a preteen interest in ham radio, but cars, 
girls, college, grad school, family, and an academic career 
interfered.  Passed the 5 wpm a few years ago to get my general.

Despite my late entrance into ham radio, I have enjoyed a lifelong 
electronics hobby interest which included a First Class FCC ticket 
that was dumbed down to GROL.

Am now in the process of collecting, restoring, and playing with some 
of those tube radios I could only dream about in Popular Electronics 
and the Allied, Lafayette, and other catalogs of yesteryear.  And I 
guess that's the point of this hobby.  Enjoy, have fun, and don't be 
cowed into leaving this list.



Boatanchor Pix

At 9:14 AM -0500 2/25/07, Harry Vaught, KT4AE wrote:
>I was interested in ham radio as a teenager in the 50's, but a 
>greater interest in audio and automobiles dominated and I didn't get 
>my license until 1994.

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