Items wanted:

Randy & Jan Ward randyjan at CITLINK.NET
Mon Jan 8 22:19:10 EST 2007

     Looking for these Items; A reasonably priced collins 32V3 or 2,in good working order,with little or no issues,and hopefully someone thats willing to ship,unless its in arizona or calif.
    75A4)   Front Escutcheon (mint,new, perfect)
    KWS-1)  I know this one is almost imposable.......The rear blower assy off of the exciter,(Flange and 90 degree Elbow) 
    KWS-1)  The collins Logo on the front power supply cover, appox. 5 1/4 long and 1 3/4 tall,in very nice cond.(you guys wouldn't believe 
what somebody did to the one thats on my newly acquired KWS-1,I'll pay any reasonable price for these Items
  Happy new year everyone on the list and may god bless and thanks for the info and wisdom that is given on this list. us newer boatanchor guys need that. Please contact me off list,or call 928-680-7951.
                                                                                                  Randy Ward                                     

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