Tube Pullers

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue Jan 9 10:12:36 EST 2007

No-one has mentioned the machined aluminum types with an inner rubber 
liner.  Maybe a half-inch bigger diameter than the tube, so easy to get 
into tight places.  You push it down on the tube, a snug fit, and then 
pull up.  Then press a small plunger on top that ejects the tube.  I've 
had mine for years.  I think they were GC.   Wasn't everything!??!?

73, Garey - K4OAH

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Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
> On 1/8/07, W5EUQ <w5euq at> wrote:
>> SO.... even if you say, "you will break tubes with the tongs" (scissor
>> type).... I used them all those years above and NEVER broke a tube.  So
>> I want the scissor type AND the rubber tube type as well.
> Guess I missed this the first time around...

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