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Richard VanTrease kc8keg at MEI.NET
Fri Jan 19 23:33:55 EST 2007

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Subject: FS: HEATHKIT manuals
From:    kc8keg at mei.net
Date:    Fri, January 19, 2007 11:30 pm

   Hello ALL, The manuals listed below are all in good shape unless other-
 wise noted. USPS shipping parcel post is added for the continental US. If
 anyone wants PRIORITY or EXPRESS mailing the cost will be higher.

 Capacitive Discharge Ignition------------------CP-1060    $10.00 shipped
 Fish Spotter-----------------------------------MI-29      $10.00 shipped
 Garage Door Mechanism--------------------------GDA-309-1  $10.00 shipped
 Solid-State Combo Amplifier--------------------TA-17      $12.00 shipped
 Miniature High Fidelity Speaker System---------AS-81      $7.00  shipped
 Headphone Control------------------------------AC-17      $7.00  shipped
 Television Alignment Generator-----------------TS-3       $8.00  shipped
 Electronic Ignition Tester---------------------CI-2055    $10.00 shipped
 Weather Station--------------------------------ID1290     $12.00 shipped
 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer--------------------AD-1308    $15.00 shipped
 Central Processor------------------------------GDA-1158-1 $12.00 shipped
 Monochrome Video Monitor-----------------------HVM-122A   $12.00 shipped
 Monochrome Video Monitor-----------------------HVM-1220A  $12.00 shipped
 Octoport---Opererator/Assembly set-------------HCW-1032   $15.00 shipped
   (Operations manual is bound and Assembly manual is not bound but in
    original cellaphane wrapper.)
 Byte Probe---no cover---------------------------ID-4804    $7.00  shipped
 Electronic Thermometer---half size--------------GD-1019   $7.00  shipped
 On-Off Transmitter---half size------------------GDA-1158-3 $7.00 shipped
 PLL Transmitter---half size---------------------GDA-1158-6 $7.00 shipped
 Keypad Asseccory---half size--------------------HWA-5400-3 $7.00 shipped
 Automotive Deluxe Timing Light---half size------CI-1040    $7.00 shipped
 Wiper Delay---half size-------------------------CH-1068    $7.00 shipped
 Head Light Alert---half size--no cover----------SK-3       $5.00 shipped

  I expect to have more manuals available later on. Plese, feel free to
 ask questions. NOTE: none of the manuals are in mint condition but I do
 feel that they are in good to very good condition.

 Thanks to all, Richard VanTrease kc8keg  <kc8keg at mei.net>

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