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I have the following items for sale:

"Communications Electronics Circuits" by J.J. DeFrance, Rinehart Press,
1972.  $10.00.  Has chapters on 'RF Power Amplifiers', 'Amplitude Modulation
- Transmitters', 'Demodulation of AM Waves', 'AM Receivers', using tube
circuits.  580 pages.

"Semiconductors & Electronic Communications Made Easy" by Victor Veley, Tab
Books, 1982.  $10.00.  Has chapters on Vacuum Tubes and Modulation.  Lots of
formulas on determining % of Modulation, Power Output, AM Bandwidth, etc.
Also, some very interesting chapters on Radar and Sonar.  310 pages.

"Stand By" by Hugh McAlister, Saalfield Pub. Co., 1930.  "F-O-Y-N!  F-O-Y-N!
Stand by - the Arctic calling!  It was young Lee Renaud asking help of the
world.  The great dirigible, Nardak, lay wrecked in the frozen North.  Hope
had been abandoned by most of the crew - but not by Lee.  Renaud was
fighting not only for himself, but for the Nardak's crew.  He worked
feverishly to mend his little portable radio.  Frantically and almost
hopelessly, he sent his S-O-S, S-O-S, across the uncharted Arctic to the
World.  Would the world respond?"

Has a beautiful color DJ cover showing the dirigible on the ice in the
background, the hero with his radio in the foreground, and the Northern
Lights up above.  $20.00.

"Program Amplifier Type BA-73B" RCA Broadcast and Communications Products.
"The BA-73B Program Amplifier is designed for use in the BC-7A, BC-8A, or
BCM-2A Consolettes."  $15.00.

All prices plus shipping.

Thank you,

Bruce WA8TNC

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