Best Mic for WRL Rigs?

Dave W9WRL laptop at GWLTD.COM
Sun Jan 21 22:37:46 EST 2007

The d-104 non amp should work just fine.

73 Dave

kd4e wrote:

> I have two rigs for which I'd like to locate
> microphones.
> Anyone know what mics were originally supplied
> or typically purchased with each?
> Would an Astatic D-104, amplified or not, work OK?
> What about a generic Hamfest hand mic?
> *WRL Meteor SB-175* manual specifies: "High impedance
> crystal, ceramic or dynamic microphone."
> *WRL Tech-Ceiver TC-6A* manual specifies:  "Any high
> impedance microphone will work."

73 de Dave W9WRL

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