Solid or stranded?

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jan 22 12:05:14 EST 2007

If you are doing a true restoration (like the radio is
going to be entered into antique/vintage radio
competitions) then you should use stranded. 
Otherwise, if you are just doing repairs to get the
radio working then it really doesn't matter which type
of wire you use.

Glen, K9STH

--- Robert Moulton <rmoulton at EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU> wrote:

I am working on a 1937 Philco cathedral for a friend.
I had been stored a number of years in a warm Arizona
garage so much of the wiring needs to be replaced.
While not a complete restoration I am trying to keep
it as original looking as possible for him. Radio Daze
has new cloth covered wiring in 18 and 20 gauge and is
available in solid and stranded. I have been using
solid 18 gauge for most of my minor repairs since I
find it easier to use. The original wiring for the
Philco is mostly stranded. I know in most mobile
applications that I have worked on (cars, aircraft,
etc.) stranded wire is used commonly due to vibration
and motion. Radio Daze sells the stranded and solid
wire at the same price. Any thoughts here?

Glen, K9STH


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