Its me ("Your message dated

J Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Tue Jan 30 19:45:15 EST 2007

That's a coincidence. Today I received an email with no body but just an

attachment from a person that I never heard of before. The strange thing
it used my XXXXX.ARRL.NET address. It makes you wonder if someone is
perusing the Ham lists for addresses. I rarely use my ARRL address.


There is almost CERTAINLY someone on this list who lives in Spain and
uses as an ISP who is infected with a virus or worm.  I
have been getting virus laden messages, usually two per week and close
together for almost a year. They are about 42K to 44K with an
attachment. Here are the 'senders'

ea5jk at
jorge-stoll at
sales at
hr2rch at
electro at
w8mmn at
boatanchors at

NOTE: The infected computer has likely RECEIVED emails from the above

The subject lines contain:

Mail Delivery (failure jfor at

Re: hi
Re: List
Re: document

Telefonica is an absolute scumball ISP and refuses to do ANYTHING about
the virus infection.

Here are more dates and 'senders' traced to the originating ISP in 2006:

domuscentral at

w8ek at : nemesys at      emtron at
7/8/06           HF Linear Amps : nemesys at      ka5crl at
7/8/06           Texoma Wireless
mariodiazmorales at   7/15/06
comunicatec at  7/15/06   Paraguay ISP : nemesys at    anfuga1 at
7/22/06 : nemesys at    juan_auxi at
7/22/06 : nemesys at
sales at                8/3 : nemesys at
collain at              8/5 : nemesys at
monti at                 8/5 : nemesys at       info at
8/9 : nemesys at    dl4ner at
8/27 : nemesys at
info at        9/14 : nemesys at
dl9qj at                 9/14 :   nemesys at
kimdoli at          9/15

It would be great to shut this garbage off.

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