FREE QST, CQ and Ham Radio magazines

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Jul 1 07:15:57 EDT 2007

OK - going to give it about another 24 hours before I haul these to 
the dumpster, in case someone wants them.

Large collection of QST, CQ and Ham Radio magazines.
Most are 1950 to 2004 or so.... plenty with homebrew
tube construction projects - probably a few hundred in all
Many are complete years.

Available for $0.00 local pickup in Lake Mary / Sanford, FL area.

I have a FEW of these that are rare mags from the 1920s and 
1930s that
I would like a buck or two for. (more if I had to ship them), 
but the rest need a good home ASAP, and I will sort out the 
rare ones when someone comes to get the bulk of them. 
The rest are free to someone who loves the old  gear
and/or homebrewing. The older ones were bought at hamfests 
or online.

PLEASE do not ask me for specific issues. I don't have time 
to look through them. Maybe whoever gets these can do that 
for you. I hate to see these go, but I need the space here.

73 to all - Brian

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