Heathcritters: a IP-23 400V regulated DC supply

Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Wed Jul 11 01:05:03 EDT 2007

An excellent buy, Rich assuming it was an IP-32 400V regulated DC 
supply.  The 6L6GC pair in the IP-32 are worth what you paid all by 

The IP-32 and the near identical PS-4 and the low-profile IP-17  are 
some of the handiest pieces of BA test gear on my bench.  The circuit 
is identical or nearly so in all three.

Pix of the three are at the bottom of my Kepco 605 page.


The high-value resistors around the 6U8 control tube tend to drift a 
bit.  Not a problem unless the high and low pots can no longer make 
up the difference.  There is also a cap on that tube that upsets the 
stage if it is a bit leaky.  Clean the pots, the main voltage 
control, the three position AC switch and the sockets for the 6X4 and 
6U8 with deoxit or equivalent.  (And be careful in there, the 
negative 6X4 supply and the positive supplies add up to about 1000 

Manual is on BAMA.  I use mine to reform caps, power Transoceanics 
with DC for testing, etc, etc, etc.  Often use a 50 mA night light in 
series for visible fuse.

73 de Rich KB8TAD

At 10:11 PM -0400 7/10/07, Richard Arland, W3OSS wrote:
>Hi Gang:
>Coming home from a dental appointment with my wife, Patricia, KB3MCT, we
>spotted a side-of-the-road-sale. There right in front were two
>Heathcritters: a IP-23 400V regulated DC supply and an IG-102 RF gen. I
>picked up the pair for $20. Haven't checked them out yet, but I can
>certainly use the DC supply for my BA restorations.
>Anyone have any thing special I need to know about before I start popping
>the cases off??
>73 Rich W3OSS

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