250TH tube socket question

WE0H we0h at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jul 16 11:39:26 EDT 2007

Wonderful Bill. I am going to look that one up right now. Haven't found 
out of the bunch of suggestions anything other than the 250TH or 450T/TL 
tubes worth buying. The HK254 looks good but where to find that one?

Thank you,

Bill Fuqua wrote:
> At 12:42 PM 7/16/2007 +1000, Nigel Holmes wrote:
>> .Anyone know of a higher rated tube with a jumbo
>> base?
> Yes, the EIMAC 1000T will fit the socket. Oddly enough it
> has a smaller envelope that the 750T and will use the 50 eattt
> socket also. I suspect it was made to provide an easy way to upgrade
> existing 450TL designs. The 1000T does require additional cooling air thru
> metal tubes to the filament and grid seals. It is an odd ball in the
> glass triode series.
> 73
> Bill wa4lav

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