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Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Thu Jul 19 23:28:07 EDT 2007

Hi Chuck,

Let me encourage you.  It CAN be done.  However, it takes dedication, 
some bucks and a lot of volunteer time.  You can't do it alone.

Interactive?? Kids love sparks (rotary spark gap?), crystal radios 
they can tune, oscilloscope displays, transmitting via a signal 
generator to send their voice to a  radio, noise making devices (try 
a Morse Code key and sounder), and lots of other hands-on action.


one of the volunteers at the all-volunteer Museum of Radio and Technology

At 9:13 PM -0600 7/19/07, Charles Bacon wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>I've been developing ideas for many years about setting up a museum for
>BA's, vintage test gear, and other vintage e-stuff. I have started the
>process for the museum to have non-profit status, which takes quite a long
>time, so it will be a while before the non-profit status is granted. In the
>meantime, I have started to work on a website, and putting together a number
>of my ideas.
>I want to see what the great folks on this list think. What do you think
>should be in such a museum? And not just displays of all the great gear.
>Some of my ideas for the museum include a number of interactive programs,
>education programs, a restoration program, and different kinds of events. I
>want this museum to really stand out from all the other museums and similar
>operations. No idea is too wild! So please email me your coolest ideas.
>Chuck Bacon

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