Speaking of "silly".....CB-1

Richard Post postr at OHIOU.EDU
Thu Jul 26 17:54:06 EDT 2007

And to think I was going to use mine on 10 meters!  Maybe its time to 
wake it up on 11.  What was that completed auc number?

Rich KB8TAD (who still remembers his official FCC 4X4 CB call.)

>I have been watching this auction on a Heathkit CB-1, the first single chnl
>xtal controlled CB rig that Heath marketed. The winning bid was >$214!!! Now
>THAT is really hard to grasp. Wish I had a trunk full of 'em about now!!
>Vy 73,
>Rich Arland, W3OSS
>"Cogito, Ergo CQ"
>("I think, therefore I Ham")
>(with apologies to René Descartes, 1596-1650)

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