[Premium-Rx] Sort of OT-but fascinating

Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Jul 28 13:42:14 EDT 2007

For anyone spending THIS kind of money for THIS kind of boatanchor, clearly
it is not "ONLY" an R-390. No one for whom something like this is "ONLY" an
R-390 should give it a 2nd thought. If those production numbers are correct,
it is not merely a receiver, but rather, a very rare collectible. With the
exception of GDOs, I am not 'into' collecting. Recently I bought a complete,
unassembled, Heathkit GD1-B Grid Dip Meter. THAT is a collectible by any
standard of measurement. It took a 3-digit figure (albeit a fairly low one.)
If it was ONLY a Grid Dip Meter, even in assembled-but-pristine condition,
there's no way it would be worth half that-or less. 

So, there's that word: "worth". Besides the utility-usefulness-value, there
must be something more intrinsinc to price, that denotes what a thing might
cost ultimately. And that 'beauty' truly is in the eye of the beholder. So
'worth' actually denotes what someone is willing to pay-whether I'M willing
to pay that or not is an individual decision. No, I cannot-and probably
would not ever consider paying this for (something like) that R-390-A. Even
if I had the $$$ I could spend for a receiver, I would buy a modern, Premium
Receiver to put to USE, not to COLLECT.

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