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David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Sat Jun 30 10:14:06 EDT 2007

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will 
ship overseas.

National NC-101X receiver........$225 plus shipping
This is an 11 tube superhet from around 1937 that covers the ham bands 
as they were in the late 1930's-160, 80, 40, 20 and 10 meters. This 
radio was introduced in 1937 with a tuning eye. This is a later version 
which has the s-meter. The original version came from the factory with a 
tuning eye. This unit is in pretty nice shape considering it is 70 years 
old. It does have a two additions to the front panel in the form of a 
toggle switch and a pot in the lower left made by the previous owner. 
The toggle switch is the ac on/off switch. All of the tubes have been 
checked and are good. The person who owned it before me replaced all of 
the wax caps, the electrolytics and many of the resistors too. The radio 
is working but has an intermittent which will need to be fixed. I did 
listen to signals on 40 meters CW and SSB before it cut out. You do need 
an electrodynamic speaker to use this radio. Includes a photocopy of the 

W.W.II US Navy ARC-5 Transmitter, NOS, NIB.......$300 plus shipping
US Navy Type CCT-52232 ARC-5 transmitter made by Stromberg Carlson in 
Rochester, New York. This unit covers 2.1 to 3 MHz. This transmitter is 
in the original box and is NOS and new in the box. The light colored 
haze on the top of the unit is dust.

Marconi AM/FM Signal Generator Model TF 995A.........$100 plus shipping
Covers from 1.5 to 220 Mc/s in five bands. Its open circuit output level 
is variable in 1 db steps, from a minimum of 0.1 micro volts to a 
maximum of 100 mV at 52 ohms and 200 mV at 75 ohms. The output may be 
CW,frequency modulated, amplitude modulated, or simultaneously both 
frequency and. amplitude modulated.The unit works. I was able to hear 
the signal at various frequencies on a a general coverage receiver. It 
may need calibration. The power cord and test lead are tucked into the 
side of the unit. No manual. Heavy unit/

GE P-807A Black and GE P-808A White Transistor Radios..$30 plus shipping
GE transistor radios from the 1950's. They are the GE P-807A Black and 
GE P-808A White Transistor Radios. Perhaps GE marketed these as "his and 
hers" transistor radios. These radios are in nice shape. The white radio 
does have a "not very noticeable" hairline crack on the left side of the 
radio. They have been tested and both work well. Their is no damage from 
battery acid in either radio.

15 Panel Meters - Voltmeters and Milliameters..............$9 each plus 
shipping or buy them all for $50 plus shipping

Variable capacitors for receiver and transmitter projects
I have hundreds...what do you need?

Zenith Rotor Wavemagnet for Console Radio....$25 plus shipping
Large Zenith Rotor Wavemagnet that was salvaged from a 1942 era Zenith 
console that had a trashed cabinet. It appears to be complete and has a 
4 pin -plug for connecting to the radio. The outside cardboard is torn 
and has seen better days.

Radio Craftsmen Model 10 AM-FM Tuner with Manual......$75 plus shipping
This is a 12 tube chrome chassis mono unit from around 1950. This unit 
works very well. I hooked it up to a dual 6V6 mono amp and a 15 inch 
speaker and let it play while I was working in my shop. It sounds very 
good on both the am and fm broadcast that I listened to and all controls 
do what they are supposed to do. If you like playing with vintage mono 
units, this unit would be a nice unit to play with. Includes an 8 page 
Rider's manual

Dumont Type 346 AC Compact Voltmeter.........$20 plus shipping
This is a compact unit that will measure ac voltage from 0.001 volts to 
300 volts in 12 ranges. This is a compact unit measuring 4 inches wide 
by 6 inches high by 7 inches deep. This is a tested working unit in 
excellent condition. The input jacks fit standard banana type plus.
12 Tube 1930's "Unknown Brand" Radio...............$40 plus shipping
1930's radio of unknown origin. This radio has a high tube count however 
a number of the tubes are just ballast tubes. The extra tubes were added 
to the radio to impress the public with the high tube count. This radio 
covers the AM broadcast band and one short wave band covering 2.2 to 7 
MC. The radio is restorable. The wooden case is in reasonably good 
condition with some veneer missing on the bottom left. The radio is 
missing several tubes and the knobs. Reproduction plastic dial covers 
are available from a number of sources.

73 and thanks for looking.
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