Manual for Globe Scout 65B

Dennis Klipa, N8ERF klipad at MINDNET.ORG
Thu Mar 8 15:20:56 EST 2007

I need a manual for a WRL Globe Scout 65B.  Actually, all I really need is
the parts list.  I searched the web for days until I finally found and
bought a "combo" manual for the 65, 65A, 65B and 66 from Surplus Part of
Nebraska.  They were quite responsive and included shipping in the price.

The bad news is that it isn't exactly complete.  I do have a schematic for
all 4 models but no component values for the 65B.  There is a parts list
for the 66 but they don't match the 65B.

I realize that there were only modest changes of the 65A to get to the 65B
so there may not be a manual specifically for the 65B, so even having a
parts list for the 65A would be better.

Any help or leads would be appreciated.

Dennis, N8ERF

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