Little red knobs for Heathkits

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 14 20:14:21 EDT 2007

Now that I have pretty much got a handle on the
plastic Heathkit emblems (see for
details) I am attempting to make those little red
knobs that were used on the DX-100, DX-40, DX-35, and
a lot of other Heath products that seem to be missing
on a lot of units.  In fact, the molds are drying
right now!

There were actually two versions of these knobs.  The
earlier version was a darker red and had a metal
insert inside.  The later version was plastic only and
was a slightly lighter color.  If everything goes as
planned, the knobs that I will be making will be of
the darker color but will NOT have the metal insert
(way too expensive to even consider!).  Of course both
knobs had a "set screw" to hold it on the control and
that will be included in those that I am making.

The "new" knobs will be made of better material than
the old ones (will be made from casting resin instead
of the original "cheap" plastic).

These "little red" knobs add to the things that I have
been making for Heath equipment including new dials,
crystal doors for the DX-35/DX-40 and the DX-20/HD-11,
interconnect cables for the SB-Line, and so forth. 
For details on these go to

and choose the appropriate link.

I should know by sometime this weekend if the "little
red knobs" are going to work!

Glen, K9STH


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