Jed Set

Richard Arland, W3OSS richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Tue Mar 27 18:50:47 EDT 2007

Has anyone ever heard of a "Jed Set"? Ostensibly this is a B2 suitcase rig 
that is carried in a canvas pack, capable of working off of 6VDC, dry 
batteries and a hand-cranked generator. These sets were the radio hardware 
given to the Jedburgh Teams that parachuted into occupied France during the 

Anyone ever seen one? Anyone got one that I can get pictures of?

Vy 73,

Rich Arland, W3OSS

"Cogito, Ergo CQ"
("I think, therefore I Ham")
(with apologies to René Descartes, 1596-1650) 

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